How to rate a GMO

If we gave a GMO a score what would it be? How would we rate a GMO or any technology? We rate based on the three criteria:

Good for People: Improving the physiological health of humans, and is not detrimental to their health.

Good for Planet: Increases the biological diversity and biomass potential (more things can live)

Good for Profit: Is useful, creates value by addressing a need.

You can’t have one measurement for each  category. At least two things need to be measured. These measurements have to focus on both large and small scales. An example of why one measurement would be bad is when a compound causes pollution but cures a disease. While solving the small problem, curing disease, it creates a larger problem of pollution. Pollution would then cause problems to anyone around.

Rating GMO

Super Good is a score of 6.

Good is a score of 4 to 6 with no negative values.

Little Good is a score of 2 to 4 with no negative values.

Ok is a score of 0 to 2 with no negative values.

Little Bad is a Positive score with negative values.

Bad is a score of -1 to -5

Evil is a score of -6.

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